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At Field of Greens Groundskeeping we strongly believe in putting our best foot forward in everything we do. Our main passion is keeping the outdoors beautiful and safe for everyone to enjoy, this includes keeping all trash and debris where it belongs. By using one of our litter services you can be sure that your customers will have a wonderful first impression the second they enter your property and notice how clean and well maintained it is.  Having a clean and safe property shows you care before anyone even enters your building! Ensuring all litter removed from your property is also instrumental  in the prevention of unwanted rodents and insects infesting your space. All litter services will include a sweep of the entire property including grass areas and gardens as well as all on site garbage cans emptied. Litter services are completed before opening to be sure that we do not interrupt the daily function of your business.



Daily litter is recommended for very high traffic areas, these can include grocery stores, commercial plazas, banks, restaurants etc. Any area that is visited at all hours by many different people can be overcome with litter and would greatly benefit from a daily sweep as well as all garbage cans on site being emptied.   


Weekly litter includes all services that daily does but will only be completed once a week on an agreed upon day. Usually we will coordinate this with your lawn maintenance schedule to ensure that all grass areas are clean for cutting to commence. 



Monthly litter is recommended for very low traffic areas. All service are the same, but will only be completed once a month on an agreed upon day. Monthly litter is for those businesses that do not see a lot of traffic, but can still be affected by high winds bringing your neighbors garbage to your property.

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